Counseling and Therapy

PTSD/Trauma Counseling and Evaluation-- A program for veterans and individuals suffering from trauma and PTSD. Dr. Martin provide evaluation and therapy for PTSD symptoms, depression, and grief counseling to individuals and couples.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety-- CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a short term, effective, lasting treatment where Dr. Martin acts like a coach teaching strategies to overcome Depression and Anxiety. CBT focuses on identifying, understanding and changing thinking which leads to behavior changes.

Christian Counseling--Dr. Martin has been a Christian since 1984 and is committed to providing loving and healing counseling to Christian individuals and couples. He has maintained a private practice specializing in helping pastors and church-referred individuals and couples with problems such as marital distress, addictive behavior and stress/burn-out.

Business Conflict Management, Motivation and Communication Counseling- Private and small group counseling is offered to those in the corporate sector and worksite setting. Intervention is available for those struggling with seemingly insurmountable personnel issues and conflicts, as well as business leaders and supervisors committed to enhancing their effectiveness in effective communication, motivation and personal conflict resolution.


The following is a listing of workshops, training programs and retreats as well as topical presentations avaliable through Dr. Martin and his associates, for both professionals and interested non-professionals.

Health Behavior Change and Addictions Treatment -- Brief models and intervention methods are taught. Specific topics may include smoking treatment, exercise promotion, alcohol and drug intervention, diet change and weight modification.

Couples/Relationship Counseling and Retreats-- Available both on land and water. includes day and overnight sailing out of San Diego the 46-foot sailboat, "Forgiveness." While out at sea, couples will learn to work together crewing the boat, as well as receive interactive counseling and communication work.

Business Leader and Conflict Management Training-- Workshops and training are offered focusing on brief, effective methods of supervising, motivating and resolving conflicts in the business/worksite setting.

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